If you would like a chance to get your photo drawn by me please fill out the info and upload a photo :)

I consent to letting you post my drawn photo and for you to store my name, email and photo for the sole purpose of being able to tag me in my photo for a maximum of 1 year.
(If at any point you change your mind please contact me directly and I will immediately delete your information!)

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Please make sure you have entered in every field.

* I often struggle finding references to draw so instead of endlessly scrolling through pinterest all the time I'd like to have an alternative reference library of you guys. Which means even months down the line i may still end up drawing one of you from your submissions here!

* Please only put in your own information and photo you cannot upload someone else's information/photo!

* There is no guarantee your photo will get selected so please don't be upset if it isn't.

* This is an opportunity for me to practice and also try and give back to my amazing followers.

* Even if your photo is picked i may not tell you i will just post it and tag you so please make sure you consent to it being posted (I wont post the reference photo unless you give me permission!)

* It may take me a few months to complete so please don't rush me.