ART Commissions

Info + Prices


General Terms:


  • I reserve the right to decline any commissions without having to give a reason.

  • I have the right to post my art however if you would like me to wait until a certain date I will.

  • You cannot resell my art for personal gain - eg. on products or claim it as your own 

  • Credit on any posts must always be given to me @_zoearts_

  • I accept Payment through Paypal - you do not have to have an account to use paypal!

  • All copyright to the artwork is retained to me unless agreed otherwise

  • This is a digital transaction only no physical copy will be sent.

  • You can print, post and use in your story 


How it works…

  1. To get an accurate price go to 'Quote Generator' to get the quote for what you would like. Or you can message me. If you are happy with the price quoted please then proceed to the booking page. I will then contact you to discuss further!

  2. Once the price has been agreed and the commission has been accepted I will then ask you to send clear reference images for the pose and people/characters you wish to be drawn. I will also either need a clear description or clear image of the outfits you wish me to draw and also the background you would like and then any additional info I will need to know. I can also include titles if you are requesting a cover.

  3. After receiving the information i will then get back to you with a sketch, here is where you should tell me any major changes you would like me to change or anything you want me to add. Once you are happy with the final sketch I will then require either 50% or 100% of the payment we agreed before I continue the art. (I will send the link to the payment)

  4. When I receive this payment I will continue drawing the art sending frequent updates unless requested otherwise. You can still ask me to change or add anything at any stage as long as it's nothing major. 

  5. Once I have finished the art I will send you a screenshot of it to ensure you are happy with it and then the rest of the payment must be sent before I send the art.

  6. I will send the art via email as it will maintain the quality. I will send 2 versions, one with my watermark on it and another without. I ask that you use the one with the watermark on it if you post it anywhere to prevent stealing however you may use the one without the watermark for its intended use. If you decide to post the art I ask that you please give me credit.

  7. I will also post it and tag you in it unless you've asked me to wait.

I only draw semi realistic artworks. So please also understand any commission you order will only be in my style.


Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions!




 Art scenes, Story Covers, Profile Pictures, Portraits, Giveaway Collabs, Pet portraits and more...



Full nudity, Hateful art, Imitation of other art styles or artists, Gore, Mechas



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